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The team of Ad Gloriam translation agency is formed of professional, qualified specialists with many years of experience who believe that constant development is vital while striving to become the market leader. We are real professionals in our field; therefore, we are fully committed to our work and carry out all projects trusted to us enthusiastically.

All translations are proofread by qualified language specialists who make corrections according to style and language requirements. All translations carried out by Ad Gloriam translation agency correspond to ISO quality standards and requirements.


Our team of translators includes professional specialists only who translate to their native language and who are familiar with the cultural and social environment of the country of the target language. Every translator specialises in the respective field; therefore, we will entrust your translation project only to the translator who is the most knowledgeable in the field.

Project and quality managers

Project and quality managers who have many years of experience in administration of translations optimise the translation project workflow, evaluate the final translation quality and ensure that the translation would reach the customer in time.

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We are a dream team!

We believe that the responsible attitude towards work, the ability to hear another team member’s opinion and confidence of every employee is the trademark of a mature translation agency ready for serious challenges.

Ad Gloriam – no language barrier!

For more information visit our office or contact us by phone +370 659 23 050 or e-mail!

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