The present Privacy Policy (hereinafter – the Policy) of Ad Gloriam (hereinafter – the Company) regulates the processing of your data (including your personal data): collection, use, sharing, storing, etc. We process your data fairly and lawfully, using technical and organisational security measures, and following the GDPR, the Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data and other laws. 

We seek to ensure that the users of our services, website visitors and other persons whose personal data we process have complete confidence in our services and are transparently informed about the way in which we process their data. In the present Policy you will find information on the procedures we use to collect and use (or seek to collect and use) your personal data. 

It is very important that you carefully review the Policy because, as you visit our website, it will be directly applicable to the collection, processing and (in the cases outlined in the Policy) transferring of your personal data to the recipients of your personal data. 

The present Policy has been drawn up in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter – GDPR), the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Legal Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter – LLPPD). The terms used in the Policy shall have the definitions assigned to them in the GDPR and the LLPPD.

Who are we?

We are Ad Gloriam, MB, code: 125561145, address: 29A, Verkių St., Vilnius, email:, phone No.: +370 659 23 050, website:

Main activity – translation services. 

What personal data do we collect?

The data includes any data about you as a natural person whose identity we know or whom we can identify whether directly or indirectly.

Our Policy applies to all personal data which we have received from you or from other persons on legitimate grounds. 

We have classified all the personal data that we process into different categories, based on the purposes of personal data processing and the categories of data subjects (see below). 

Collection, processing and storage of personal data 

Personal data can be received directly from the data subject who provides it by filling in the query form on our website, sends in his/her CV or otherwise contacts the Company; it can be received from the business activity of the client, personal data processors of the Company or other external publicly available sources. Data can be generated when a person uses the services (makes a phone call, fills in a query form). A person has no obligation to provide personal data but it may happen that he/she will have no access to certain services, such as the sale and invoicing of services, unless he/she provides personal data. 

The present Privacy Policy shall not constitute an agreement between the Company and yourselves regarding the processing of your personal data. By the present Policy, we inform you about the main principles of personal data processing and the implementation of data subjects’ rights. Additional information can be set out in sale, services and other contracts. By using and purchasing the Company’s services, submitting his/her data, sending in his/her CV, filling in the query form, continuing to browse the website, the data subject confirms that he/she has reviewed the present Privacy Policy, understands its provisions and agrees to follow the Policy.

Description of the subjects to whom we can disclose your personal data is provided next to each data processing activity.

In certain cases, we can disclose your information to subjects other than those which have been identified:

  • to avoid breaking the law, or in response to a compulsory court order (e.g. upon receipt of a court order to provide data);
  • to demonstrate the legitimacy of our actions;
  • to protect our rights, assets or ensure their security; 
  • in other cases, subject to your consent or legitimate request.

Personal data processing in selecting contractors

If you contact us in order to take part in the selection process of contractors (persons who provide intellectual services to us: translation, interpreting, editing, layout, etc.) we as a data controller shall process the following personal data provided by you as a candidate: first name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail address, documents demonstrating education and work experience, documents demonstrating the legitimacy of activity and other data submitted by you on voluntary basis. We shall not transfer your personal data as a candidate to third parties without your personal approval. 

Where you provide data via an IT system, the system is maintained by our subcontractors. 

Where the laws of the Republic of Lithuania impose additional restrictions on the candidate information that can be processed, the Company shall ensure that the processing is limited to your personal data as a candidate whose processing is permitted. 

Use of Contractors 

Should we decide to use you as our contractor for intellectual services – translation, interpreting, editing, layout, etc., we shall have to enter into a contract with you, and in that context we will process the following personal data: first name, surname, personal number, gender, residence address, bank account No., individual activity certificate (or other document demonstrating the right to engage in a certain activity) No., e-mail address, professional experience, specialisation, other information voluntarily submitted by the Contractor and/or necessary for carrying out the service order.

The legal grounds for processing data when using contractors is the GDPR Article 6(1)(b) – processing for the performance of a contract to which you are party. We can provide your personal data to our clients where this is necessary in order to provide the services. Your personal data could be provided to third persons only in the cases established by law. 

Translation Services

If you contact us about translation services, we shall process the following personal data provided by you for that purpose: name, surname, residence address, e-mail address, phone number, other data submitted by you on voluntary basis.

We receive the data directly from you and do not transfer it to third parties

but we can transfer it to the persons who provide intellectual services – 

translation, interpreting, editing, layout (service contractors) or other

services to us.

The legal grounds for processing data when using contractors is the GDPR Article 6(1)(b) – processing for the performance of a contract signed at the time of ordering our services.

Personal data storage procedure and time-limits

When processing and storing your personal data, we use organisational and technical measures to ensure the security of your data against accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure or any other unauthorised processing. Please, be reminded that any data transmitted online is not completely secure. The Company can’t guarantee complete data security but merely undertakes to take all the necessary action to ensure it.

We apply different data storage time-limits, depending from the purpose for which your particular personal data is collected. 

We apply the following personal data storage time-limits: 

No.Purpose of personal data processingStorage time-limit
1.Contractor selectionTill the end of the selection procedure
2.Use of contractors4 years from the last use of the contractor
3.Translation services3 years from service provision date

Derogations from the above storage time-limits are allowed to the extent they do not affect your rights as a data subject, comply with the legal requirements and are properly documented. 

Where certain personal data is necessary in order to make, enforce or protect legal claims, we shall store the data for as long as necessary to achieve the aims in a judicial, administrative or non-judicial procedure. 

Your rights

On your written request, you have the right to access, at any time, your personal data processed by us and find out about the processing procedure of your personal data; to request the rectification of incorrect, incomplete and inaccurate personal data, to request the suspension of the processing of your personal data where data processing fails to comply with legal requirements. 

To the extent in which personal data processing is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time without affecting the legitimacy of the consent-based personal data processing up to the moment when the consent is withdrawn. 

You are free to exercise your rights by sending a written request via email to, or by mailing it to: 29A, Verkių St., LT-09108, Vilnius, or by delivering it in person by calling at the above address. 

Contact details and procedure for lodging complaints

If you have questions related to personal data security, please contact us via email at 

If you are not happy with our reply, or if you believe that our processing of your personal data fails to comply with legal requirements, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority – the State Data Protection Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania.

Information about using cookies

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By using cookies, we seek to ensure a better experience for persons browsing our website, and to improve the website itself. 

The cookies used in our website can be classified into the following types:

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Personal data processing by third parties 

Your personal data are processed by our staff in Lithuania, they are stored on our local servers. IT maintenance is performed by service providers authorised by Ad Gloriam

Access to individual personal data is only granted to the employees of our company who must have access to the data to perform their business duties. 

Third party terms and conditions may apply when using third-party services, e.g. when visiting our account on facebook social network: Data Policy applies to all users and visitors of facebook. When using third-party services, it is advisable to review their terms and conditions. 


The legal relationships related to the present Policy are governed by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. 

We are not liable for any damages, including any damages caused by disruptions in website use, loss or damage of data resulting from the acts or omissions on your part or on the part of third persons operating on your behalf, including incorrect entering of data, other errors, deliberate damage and other misuse of the website. We are also not liable for disruptions in logging in to and/or the use of the website or any damages resulting from acts or omissions on the part of third parties unrelated to our company, yourselves or other data subjects, including power, internet connection failures, etc.

The present Policy shall be reviewed and updated as necessary at least once in two years. Additions or supplements to the Policy shall become effective from the moment of their publication on the website. 

If you continue using the website and our services after any revision of the Policy, we shall consider that you don’t object to the revisions and have reviewed them. 

Updated: 31 May, 2021